The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued two patents on the method of manufacture and use of Fuel Matrix, a breakthrough fuel treatment technology that improves performance and reduces harmful emissions in combustion engines

HENDERSON, NV: 16 October 2018 – The Fuel Matrix, LLC (“TFM”) today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has awarded two patents covering the method of manufacture and use of the company’s Fuel Matrix product.

US Patent #9,932,534 titled “HOMOGENEOUS SOLUTION OF A TREATED FUEL AND OXYGEN FROM THE AIR FOR USE IN A COMBUSTION CHAMBER” covers the use of fuel polarized by a treatment like Fuel Matrix in any combustion chamber.  The patent references the use of a treatment like Fuel Matrix with gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and maritime fuels.

US Patent #10,106,755 titled “ELECTROMAGNETICALLY MODIFIED ETHANOL” covers the manufacturing process used to create Fuel Matrix which imparts a permanent dipole charge on an ethanol solution.  When the ethanol solution is later blended with a liquid fossil fuel in minute quantities such as one part Fuel Matrix to ten thousand parts fuel, the solution transfers its polarization to the fuel resulting in more complete and cleaner combustion.

In addition to the two United States patents listed above, the World Intellectual Property Organization has published the Company’s two filings for Patent Cooperation Treaty protection internationally.  These two filings — PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2017/045531 and PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2018/045445 – start the clock for protecting TFM’s international patent filings.

“The award of two patents from the USPTO underlines how Fuel Matrix is a completely new approach to improving combustion and cleaning up fossil fuel usage,” said The Fuel Matrix, LLC’s CEO Andrew Lowenstein.  “Fuel Matrix performs like nothing before because nothing like it has been invented before.  Only with Fuel Matrix can fleets obtain 15%+ fuel savings and dramatic reductions in harmful emissions.”

About The Fuel Matrix, LLC

The Fuel Matrix, LLC develops and markets Fuel Matrix, a novel fuel treatment that increases fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions from a wide range of liquid fossil fuels.  Headquartered in Henderson, NV USA, TFM intends to improve the performance of fossil fuels worldwide while helping companies and governments meet tomorrow’s emissions standards today.  Learn more at www.thefuelmatrix.com.



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