Qualinca Labs of the Free University of Brussels has released an evaluation conducted on a fleet of 47 diesel buses operated by Belgian public transportation company TEC in the first half of 2019 demonstrated a 14.38% mean and 15.88% median increase in fuel efficiency through the introduction of Fuel Matrix to fuel.


HENDERSON, NV and BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: 21 September 2019 – The Fuel Matrix, LLC (“TFM”) today announced the release of a report by Qualinca Labs of the Free University of Brussels about documenting test results of introducing Fuel Matrix fuel treatment to a fleet of 47 public buses operating in real world conditions.  TEC, a Belgian public transportation company, evaluated the impact of Fuel Matrix on fuel consumption of a fleet of public buses in a single regional depot under real operating conditions. The test was run over a six-month period.

The vehicles studied fall into two sub-samples: city buses with heavy-duty diesel engines (EURO VI) and the so-called “articulated” buses with heavy- duty diesel engines (EURO IV & V). The evaluation included data from Controller Area Network (CAN bus) readers on each vehicle which recorded data each second of operation from sensors on each vehicle recording engine torque, acceleration, velocity, etc. The analysis also utilized actual fueling logs for each vehicle.

Fuel Matrix is a patented, electromagnetically charged, ethanol-based solution that is added to diesel fuel at a ratio of 1:10000. The OTW (Opérateur de Transport de Wallonie), the Walloon public transportation company operating the tested fleet and Qalinca Labs from the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles) partnered in this early 2019 test.

The evaluation included a 40-day recording of baseline data with untreated fuel followed by a 25-day recording of data from vehicles consuming treated fuel. Fuel Matrix was added to the central fueling tanks of the depot to ensure that all vehicles received the same dosage of fuel treatment. Data analysis was performed and considered primary exogenous factors (i.e. use of heating, weather conditions, etc.) to avoid data bias.

The first sub-sample of city buses consists of 14 EURO VI buses operating in urban areas in relatively similar traffic conditions during the day and over time. Those vehicles display reductions in consumption in liters per 100 km centered around an average of 14.6% and a median 15.2%. The hypothesis of an average decrease of 15% in fuel consumption can therefore be accepted at a confidence level of 99%. That result is also supported by the median, equal to -15.2%.

The second sub-sample of articulated buses include 6 EURO IV engines and 11 EURO V engines. Their journeys are more heterogeneous than the first sub-sample, mixing inner-city driving in rush hours and commuting between cities the rest of the day. Reductions in consumption in liters per 100 km average 9.9% for those vehicles. Thus, the global average decrease in fuel consumption – aggregated to the whole fleet studied, city and articulated – is 12.0%.

“This meticulous study, with over 100 GB of data on 47 buses collected over six months, gives the most scientific results of fleet usage of Fuel Matrix to date” said The Fuel Matrix, LLC’s CEO Andrew Lowenstein.  “Passenger and freight fleets are missing out on 15% gross fuel savings, not to mention significant emissions reduction.”

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