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Making Fuel Cleaner through Oxon2

Fuel Matrix offers a fuel modifier called Oxon2. The fuel, emissions, and soot reduction technology works in any internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. It works on a molecular level by adding a very slight charge to fuel, which creates a heightened attraction between oxygen and fuel molecules. That creates a more efficient burn. This attraction also “crowds out” the nitrogen molecules during combustion, so less nitrogen burns during combustion and less soot and NOx is produced, according to PR Director Tracy Barrett.

School bus fleets often utilize central fueling tanks. Treating fuel in these tanks is simple: add the product at the ratio of one-part Oxon2 to 10,000 parts fuel with a little agitation, and you’re set. After the process, the fuel is now treated and ready to provide cleaner power and decarbonization for fleets. It does not require special training or infrastructure changes.

“You’re not dealing with your grandpa’s diesel anymore,” Barrett says. You’re using what you have and adding Oxon2 to it, leading to cleaner fuel.

Users of Oxon2 report an average of 10-15% fuel efficiency improvements, says Robert Biddle, president of The Fuel Matrix, LLC. The reduction in fuel consumption leads to lower costs for fleets. There are also fewer diesel particulate filter (DPF) regens, leading to a reduction in filter replacements, thus lower maintenance costs.

 - Photo: Oxon2
Photo: Oxon2

By the Numbers

In Spring 2022, Oxon2 announced results from a pilot project it completed with a diesel school bus fleet at Chesapeake Charter, Inc. in Maryland. The 40+ buses in the fleet demonstrated an average fuel savings of 15% over baseline, and a 95% reduction in DPF regens while performing under standard operating conditions. The evaluation also included studying the reduction of particulate matter emissions in improving the performance of the vehicles’ DPF systems. The buses saw a significant reduction of forced regen cycles from – on average – every four hours to every 24 hours.


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