Attention Fleet Managers!

“If you stop the emissions from forming, you don’t have to filter them out.”

We’ve talked and worked with hundreds of truckers, fleet managers, and owners. While most people genuinely care about reducing pollution, they’re smart enough to know that most of the efforts so far are more effective at making the trucking industry slow down and spend more money while generally only deferring or rearranging where the pollution is created.

DPF systems are designed to reduce the amount of diesel particulate matter (exhaust soot) and NOx being released into the atmosphere. The DPF captures that exhaust soot and NOx produced during fuel combustion. Accumulated soot causes back pressure which triggers the regeneration (regen) process which renders the soot to ash and allows your engine to resume regular duty and so the cycle continues. (Often much more frequently than you’d like.)

ACTIVE: A computer sensor monitors the DPF and a dashboard indicator light notifies the driver that a regen is taking place. Power will be reduced and can take up to an hour while burning 1/2 gallon of diesel fuel or more.

MANUAL: Regeneration occurs only when the vehicle is stationary, and it requires action on the part of the vehicle operator. The check engine light will illuminate on the vehicle dashboard, usually after an extended period of idling. The vehicle operator must set the park brake and enable the parked regeneration to begin. Engine rpm increases and raw fuel is injected into the exhaust gas at the exit of the engine to generate the appropriate regeneration temperatures. The stationary vehicle manual regeneration processes take about 30 minutes.

The time and expense of these cycles pushes some drivers to (illegally) delete the regen cycle from the computer or to drive through the warning lights both of which can cause expensive damage and fines.

Why fuss with it?
The system (flawed though it is) works.

Sure, you can keep putting up with regen systems and slow downs. You can hope that your drivers don’t push the limits of the system or worse attempt to modify the computer. Or, you can eliminate the problems before they even exist, do better than epa regulations, and help keep your engine clean all with Oxon2.

Oxon2 dramatically reduces harmful NOx and PM (particulate matter)
emissions which contribute to regen cycling.

*This plus many other benefits including increased lubricity, reduced CO2, & increased power.

Cleaner engines and fewer emissions means less downtime and wear on regen systems.

We get it.

This sounds too good to be true.

The good news is… It’s proven and verified!


and, we think you can help us eliminate DPF systems regulations for trucks using Oxon2.

Still have questions?

That’s great!
Feel free to call our engineers.
You’ll speak to a real person able to answer your questions.

If you’re ready to de-carbonize your fleet with Oxon2
you’ll experience cleaner engines and fewer emissions!

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Our engineers will work with your team to deliver & dose Oxon2, collect & analyze all data so that you & your team can see all the ways that Oxon2 can make your jobs easier and your business more profitable.
At the end of the 6 week trial our engineer will provide a full custom analysis of the benefits of Oxon2 to you so that you can present it to your team and shareholders. – that’s a value of $5,300.00!!!

So, why would we give all this away?

2 reasons:

1. We are so excited about what Oxon2 can do for businesses and the environment.
2. We want you to help us make the world a better place by helping to change regulations that make it more difficult to conduct business.

When businesses like yours start proving to the EPA that Oxon2 reduces pollution from trucks more completely and efficiently then we can start to make it easier for everyone to simply work without all the red tape or added expense.

Next steps…

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    p.s. If you’re tired of hassling with DPF systems we would love to talk to you so that we can share the real world problems that come with trying to clean up dirty emissions rather than simply preventing them from occurring at all. We want to hear from you whether you work with a fleet of 5 trucks or 50,000! This revolutionary technology has so many more benefits than what we’ve mentioned here because we want you to experience it first hand.