How Oxon2 Solves GHG Emissions.

As the world commits to moving away from fossil fuels and their GHG emissions, it is up to companies like The Fuel Matrix LLC to create the innovative products you need to follow through with these commitments. Our fuel additive is changing the way various industries operate by reducing fuel consumption and harmful GHG emissions at the same time. Visit our website to learn more about how you can benefit from partnering with us today! 

a greener earth and cleaner skies with less harmful GHG emissions are only Oxon2 away

Our Mission to Reduce GHG Emissions Worldwide

We are on a mission to lead the transition to green fuels for the entire world. There is no doubt about it, fuel emissions greatly harm our environment and change must be implemented to save the planet. We must fight toward cleaner air for a cleaner world, and by creating products that benefit fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, we are doing our part for a positive change!  Did you know that Oxon2 reduces harmful NOx emissions an average of 60%? A study at Stanford shows that reducing NOx emissions by  50% improves crop yields by 25%!

tests are underway for approval of Oxon2 in aviation fuels where significant GHG reductions are desperately needed.

Our Product

At The Fuel Matrix, we have created Oxon2 as a fuel treatment that reduces fuel consumption on average by 15%, and will also reduce harmful GHG emissions released by a wide array of vehicles,generators, and turbines. All you need to do is add a tiny amount of Oxon2 into your  fuel to benefit from the positive effects. If you would like to learn more about our emissions benefits, visit our emissions reductions page here.
We can help you see an average reduction in the following emissions:

  • 21% in CO2e emissions
  • 60% in NOx emissions 
  • 95% in particulate opacity 
  • 10% in CO emissions
  • 70% in smoke and emission particles 
  • 42%  in THC emissions

Oxon2 is simple to add to diesel and gasoline fuel for the fastest method to reduce harmful GHG emissions

Our Goals to Reduce GHG Emissions

As a company that strives to change the way companies fuel their vehicles, we have some big goals in mind. These goals will help companies thrive financially, all while reducing  the negative impacts created by harmful GHG emissions across the globe. Our goals include:

  • Bring our solution to every continent in 2023.
  • Help 100 global corporations reach their sustainability goals by 2024
  • Introduce the world’s cleanest, most economical maritime fuel by 2024
  • Revolutionize sustainable aviation fuel by 2025
  • Clean half the world’s fuel supply by 2026

Reduce NOx emissions in farming with Oxon2

Join The Cause to Reduce Harmful GHG Emissions!

If your company works in an industry that involves the use of vehicles or diesel turbines for operations, you can benefit greatly from the use of Oxon2’s fuel additive. Not only will we help your business save money, but we will also help you become a more eco-friendly brand as Oxon2 helps you reduce harmful GHG emissions! 

Oxon2 has committed to impacting the planet positively through creating the eco-friendly products that industries need to do their part in creating a cleaner planet. Your business will greatly benefit from implementing fuel treatment into your vehicles. Find out more by visiting our website today!

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