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A 128oz bottle (1 gallon)

Treats 10,000 gallons of fuel Saves up to $6,750

*Maximum order for this special rate: four gallons.

Oxon2 enhances the combustion of liquid fossil fuels resulting in:

      • More Complete Combustion
      • Increased Fuel Mileage
      • Increased Engine Torque
      • Reduced Emissions (COx, NOx, PM)
      • Reduced Opacity (black smoke)
      • Cleaned Combustion Chambers, Fuel Injectors and Fuel Lines

Usage is simple: With a dosage ratio is 1:10,000 add the measured amount from the measuring cup on the bottle into the fuel pump or tank at time of fueling.

For example, use 1 oz of Oxon2 for every 75 gallons of fuel. ADD Oxon2 TO FUEL TANK PRIOR TO ADDING FUEL, then immediately add fuel in order to prevent evaporation and ensure complete mixing of Oxon2 with fuel.

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 14 in

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