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Green Freight Asia is partnered with promising and reliable solution providers to bring relevant sustainable technologies to our members. Not only does this work towards reducing your overall carbon footprint, but you can also level up to a better GFA Leaf Certification.

Today we would like to introduce you to one such technology – a breakthrough fuel treatment. This solution is ‘dropped-in’ into traditional hydrocarbon fuels and reduces harmful carbon, nitrogen oxides and soot emissions from combustion. Read on to learn more!

Have a great green day ahead!

In Focus:
A drop-in fuel additive to lower your emissions and increase your savings!

How does it work?

This technology alters the intermolecular forces in hydrocarbon fuels so that they are more attractive to oxygen. This allows fuels to burn more cleanly and completely  in combustion engines.

As a result, BOTH fuel consumption and emissions are reduced. 

Not only does this technology increase the distance that the truck can drive for the same amount of fuel, but it also reduces NOx and Particulate emissions that consequently reduces the need for regeneration frequency.


Who is it for?

This technology is certified for any engine! The solution can be mixed with liquid fuels at a ratio of 1: 10000, at either refinery, central fueling station or at the point of use.

It complies with the European Norms EN590 (Automotive Sector) DMA0.1 Maritime Sector, as well as ASTM International Standards.

This is a type of solution that qualifies as a fuel reduction technology under GFA’s Labelling & Certification Programme. 

The solution is also endorsed by Lean & Green Europe.


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