4 Benefits of Fuel Additives

Does your company rely on vehicles that use gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel to operate? If so, adding fuel additives to these vehicles can benefit your fleet’s efficiency greatly! At Oxon2, we have designed a fuel treatment like no other, which will positively impact your vehicle operations by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and so much more. Read on to find out the benefits, or visit our website for more information today! 

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Save on Fuel Consumption 

In our mission to lead the transition to green fuels, we have created a product that positively impacts fuel consumption and helps various industries run more efficiently. Your company can see an average of 15% less fuel consumption when using our Oxon2 fuel additives. 

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Save Money 

Since our fuel additives help companies save 15% on fuel consumption, this directly impacts the amount of money spent on fuel every day. Since your business relies on large fleets of vehicles to operate, you understand how expensive fuel can be. With net savings of approximately 10%, your company will thrive with the added benefit of more income! 

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Emissions Reduction

The unfortunate reality is that as a company that relies on fleets of vehicles, you contribute vastly to emissions that affect our planet. Using Oxon2 fuel additives, your company can significantly reduce its fuel emissions.

  • 21% average reduction in CO2e emissions
  • 60% average reduction in NOx emissions 
  • 95% average reduction in particulate opacity 
  • 10% average  reduction in CO emissions
  • 70% average reduction in smoke and emission particles 
  • 42% average reduction in CH4 emissions
  • 29% average reduction in THC emissions 

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Helps The Environment

With a direct decrease in emissions, your company will help the environment thrive. Fuel is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions that negatively impact our planet. By implementing our fuel treatment for your fleet’s efficiency, you are not only saving money,  but the planet as well! 

If you are searching for a fuel additive product that can help your company save money and the planet, search no more, as Oxon2 has what you need to succeed. Visit us online to make your purchase today and give us a call to answer your questions and receive a special introductory offer!

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