icon 21%* Average reduction
in CO2e emissions
icon 60%* Average reduction in
NOx emissions
icon 95%* Average reduction
particulate opacity
icon 15% Average improvement
in fuel consumption

* All reductions are supported
by data & certifications. Learn more

Meet Oxon2

The world has committed to moving away from fossil fuels and their GHG emissions. For cleaner bio-fuels to account for a larger share of future fuels, they must become more efficient. Meet Oxon2.

Oxon2 improves fuel efficiency while dramatically reducing carbon and eliminating almost all NOx and particulate emissions. Among many other benefits, Oxon2 enables an increase of biofuel content in regular gasoline/diesel.

Bio-fuels present one of the best opportunities to reduce carbon and other harmful emissions from transportation.  Yet bio-fuels are not as efficient as today’s fossil fuels.  Introducing Oxon2. We make bio-fuels more efficient, allowing more bio-fuel to be blended with regular gasoline / diesel and eliminating almost all NOx and particulate emissions.

Oxon2 is
Registered with:

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Margarida Da Silva Pinto

Margarida Da Silva Pinto CEO of Ganda Cars

If we manage to save 15% on #fuel, which is the case
with Fuel Matrix, this is a great advantage for us


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